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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 15, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we count about 12 floodgates open, just finished checking out 222. no flooding whatsoever on 222. and there are no of -- there are no problems at flood -- for deposit. the water is rising somewhat in the lower portion of the river here south of the dam. right now, the wind is blowing, it is cold, and it is still raining. we will send it to thomas can tell us more about what is going on. >> we are seeing the showers move across parts of cecil county. there is more rain falling in the region, but it doesn't look like flood rains. some showers just kind of complicate conditions and keep it rot and chile.
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the light showers in that location, more showers pushing toward baltimore. there is some heavy stuff coming down. it continues to spin off of the mid atlantic coast. flood warnings along the potomac river. interesting to note that there might be somewhat snow mixing in the overnight tonight. even with the wet weather in the region, there is a warming trend in the seven-day forecast. >> you can also follow along on you can track the weather right down to your very own street. >> police and postal authorities are investigating a series of threatening letters that were sent to city hall in the baltimore city circuit court house. city hall was evacuated for a short time because the letters said there had a white powdery substance in their that was
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later found to be harmless. one letter addressed to a judge contained a bullet. the written threats were all similar. >> there determining how they be found in baltimore park died. the parents led them to the body. >> we are told the police have located the mother of the baby and that detectives are speaking with her about what happened. >> it was buried inside of a bag. >> they found out of the day -- a baby being buried after the 25-year-old father came to them. >> one of the parents of our victim came into police headquarters to report an infant death at about 8:00. one of the parents let us to the body of the infant that was found buried in a shallow hole. >> they believe the baby died
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somewhere else and was brought here. the parents are from northwest baltimore. the 28-year-old mother has other children. the chief of the medical examiner's office retrieved the body for an autopsy. people that use this park find that is unsettling. >> this whole generation, crazy things like that going on. imagine 25 or 30 years ago, you never would have heard of such things happening. >> if they don't want the baby, give it up and let it be adopted. >> police are still waiting for autopsy results, investigating as a possible homicide. >> almost $2 million is coming to baltimore city, part of the latest paln to get rid of crime. >> federal earmarks' come under fire from both sides of the
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aisle, but the congressmen that put this funding to get this is a great example of the earmarks working. >> it was just 15 months ago that ken harris was killed with young men -- by young men engaged in armed robbery. i will never forget that day. i pledge that these federal funds will be used to prevent this type of senseless gun violence in the future. >> at the very place can harris was murdered by gunmen, an effort to stop young men from making similarly terrible choices. paul >> is time the leaders to work together to focus attention and resources strategically. >> the $1.8 million is split three ways. $1.1 million or the gun reduction initiative. it will be used to hire analysts to research and track down offenders and collect data. $200,000 for the juvenile
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screening in the diversion program. -- and the diversion program. at $500,000 for the jericho reentry program operated by the nonprofit episcopal community services of maryland to help offender's develop employment skills, secure a position, and keep a job. this is proof that the remark system can work. >> if your marks are done right, that is what we need to do. -- earmakrks are done right, that is what we need to do. it is an example of the needs of the city to deal with two of crime. >> earmarks have gotten a bad name. these are going to be spent effectively and efficiently to bring a better quality of life to this area.
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>> senator barbara mikulski sits on a key subcommittee and had a hand on securing this funding. >> it certainly could be a make or break week for health care reform. while democrats account of the votes on capitol hill where the key vote is expected this evening. the washington bureau has more. >> the budget committee could come as late as late -- and it will folks -- fix when house democrats say what is wrong with the bill. >> the congress is considering how to reform health care system and expand coverage for more than one year. >> republicans will not be able to filibuster when the bill gets
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to the senate. >> they are trained every little procedural gimmick to try to get this thing done and rammed through by this weekend. -- ram it through. >> they are doing everything they can to jam this bill through, and they don't seem to care about how ugly it all looks. >> president obama told a crowd not to let republicans hoodwink them. >> i know it is the right thing to do. i am calling on congress to pass these reforms. >> there is a lot politically at stake here. midterm elections are just months away. >> if they don't pass legislation after spending all this time, they will face consequences. if they pass the legislation, there will be complaints about what is in the bill. >> they're hoping to vote by the
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end of the week. >> a special honor for maryland's senior senator barbara mikulski being honored by her peers tonight. the entire delegation will gather to the hotel to honor senator mikulski for more than three decades of service. first elected to the senate in 1986, she is seeking a fifth term in 2010. if she wins, it will be the nation's longest serving female senator. >> simple and safe, the 2010 census forms as they hit the zero mail today. they're urging folks to fill them out and send them back right away. >> the census is being conducted every 10 years and 79 d. -- since 1790. it will determine where the federal money will go each year.
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the children at the kids' center did a jump-start on education. >> they learn many things here. he knows the numbers, the colors, everything. >> the program is funded by federal money. that is what baltimore county officials say is so important that people sent back their census forms. >> if that funding is cut, [unintelligible] every program that is supported by the federal funds will be impacted. >> the census also determines how many members in your area gets in the house of representatives. because it is so important, it is the shortest it has ever
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been. just 10 questions. >> we wanted to make it easy for folks to fill out the form and get the job done. >> she says that she will send her back immediately. so that her son can continue getting a head start on kindergarten. >> i will fill it out and send it back for my son. >> officials will go door-to- door for anyone that did not submit a form. the results of the 2010 census will be available next spring. >> what should you expect when the census form comes in your mailbox? you could see a sample of that on our web site, >> bad news for cardinal gibbons students and supporters despite a last-ditch effort. the school is officially closing. >> as the work their way toward opening day, the injured second
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baseman makes a quick trip back to baltimore. >> the flood warnings remain in effect with the storm off the mid-atlantic coast. a little warming trend and drier weather pattern will rise. we will check the forecast. until i had my baby, i forgot how soft skin could be. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate softening lotion. seven moisturizers plus shea butter for softer, smoother skin. this stuff really works. how do we know how how many town roads we need?
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the census helps us know exactly what we need, so everyone can get their fair share of funding. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census.
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>> tonight, there is a resolution in the cardinal gibbons high school, just not the resolution that the students and parents were looking for. >> they were hoping that there was some way to keep it open, but today, they learned it was not a possibility. >> supporters had been working to line up investors, trying to turn kids into an independent parochial school. they made their pitch to the church, but they were told that
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the church has run out of time and run out of money. monday morning's meeting was the last hope. a group of staffers met with the bishop to try to keep cardinal gibbons high school from closing. here you have two partners in a relationship and one of them once out of the relationship. >> they wanted to turn the school into an independent parochial school. >> they wanted to hear what the school had to say. in early also communicate -- and they also want to communicate. >> the decision is final. word spread quickly. >> i will drive past and there will be a walmart on the
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property. they are only looking at dollar signs. >> we lost a lot of money in the pension system because of bad investments. someone should ask them that. >> we asked them about that. the archdiocese shot down all of those theories. they didn't lose money on madoff, not trying to sell the property. >> the diocese owns the building. we want it to be put in the way -- put to use in a way that serves the community. >> students and parents will be back at gibbons for a school fair of sorts. they will be meeting with representatives from the 10 other parochial high schools that they can transfer to. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> now, your instaweather plus
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forecast. >> of the heaviest rain in the state is moving down the beaches. it looks like some pretty heavy rain on the western edge of the storm. additional showers cover most of the eastern areas of the way up into cecil county. through hartford county, some showers as well. all the way down to bwi and annapolis. most of maryland to dealing with some wet weather. just to the east of ocean city, it will likely lender in our region. it has not been as significant, maybe a few hundredths of an inch. look at the impact it has on the temperatures. only a 4 degree temperature movement today on the monitor, well below the high. it was 82 degrees, and after the
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blizzard of '93 rolled through. the rain caused some problems, but it also cleaned out the pollen count. the flood warning remained in effect with coastal flood advisories with a couple of feet above normal. combined with the north wind, they're getting into the '30's. the snow mixes with the rain showers overnight and into tomorrow morning. gradually improving conditions move through tonight. lighter winds and gusting around here. it shows up very nicely on the satellite imagery and continues off the mid-atlantic coast.
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the high pressure builds in from the north and west. as we get into the late afternoon and evening, a clearing trend begins on the baltimore area that should last through the middle of the week. with all of the sunshine coming in for wednesday, thursday, and friday, it gives way to partial clearing in the north when that 10-15. around the bay, gusting wind, too. 54 around the bay tomorrow. the clouds will probably hold on all along with a few showers and 50 -- when the gusting to 20 knots. the bay water temperatures are in the 40's. mostly sunny on st. patrick's day, 59.
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it will be chilly at night with lows in the 30's. spring arrives saturday afternoon. it will feel like spring. 67 on sunday with a chance for showers and thunderstorms sunday night and monday. >> now, 11 sports. >> the focus rides into the post-seaonson, avoiding a repeat that got their lead bounced from the ncaa tournament. maryland has to feel good about going into the n.c.a.a. one year ago, they opened with a win followed by a loss to memphis. maryland opens with the conference u.s.a. champs again.
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houston this time. they want to keep the focus on his kids, not the opponent. >> it means so much to feel you're one of the top 16 teams in the country. that is something that the players should be proud of. they had a pretty good body of work during the regular season to tie for first place in the league with one of the number one seeds. i think it shows that we are a pretty good basketball team. >> they will make back-to-back trips to the ncaa tournament for the first time. don't confuse respect with an easy time of things. they take understandable pride with being moved up to a 15 seed. the bears have become the dominant team in the conference.
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the 16 c has never won in the first round. the 15 has. for the bears, so much for moving up. >> for the second time in a row, it is like the fifth number one seed. this year, west virginia deserved it, too. we will be prepared nonetheless. >> still dealing with back problems, the oriole's second baseman received an injection and returned to spring training. it will prepare him for either a return to the lineup or childbirth. in fort myers, the second start of the spring is now jeremy -- plenty of support for the orioles today.
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>> the seven-day forecast, a couple of showers tonight and tomorrow morning, clearing up in time for saint patrick's day. >> i like the dancing leprechaun. >> i think it is kind of scary. sunshine at 63 on thursday and friday. spring on saturday, 67. thunderstorms late in the day on sunday. >> he is unhappy looking one. >> a good night. ♪
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